The Best Feeling You’ve Ever Felt

What is it that makes you great? And how do you… Be… connected into that greatness all the time? Just as importantly, how do you ensure that you automatically reset back to that at times when you do go off-balance?

In this next installment of the H.OS, we’ll talk about how to tap into that essence.

In computing terms they call this essence the kernel.

A kernel connects the application software to the computer. Applying this metaphor to you, the kernel represents your fundamental essence and the software represents all of the things you do: behaviors, emotions, values, thoughts, plans, actions.

When your Human Operating System is fully integrated, every decision you make, every thought you think, every emotion you have will be deeply rooted in this stable, healthy, fundamental experience.

The only way to begin that process is to understand how it works and enhance your ability to access that essence at will, stabilize it, and ultimately deepen it.

Obviously, we’re moving into the new kind of “self improvement”. Rather, this is “self operation” — and it’s rigorous — so its organization and sequence is important. If you’re following along with this series, it’s going to be most beneficial to you if you stay with the videos and not fall behind.

This is the first time we’re putting out the actual instructions and blueprints of the H.OS publicly. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. We’re here to support you in building an H.OS that helps you take control of your personal experience and your life.


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