Virtual Reality

Posted By on May 16, 2016

We’ve talked about primal instincts. We’ve covered emotional balance, learning, conditioning, self image and more. Today, I want to jump into one of the most interesting and promising technologies for our future. It’s a technology that is going to revolutionize nearly everything about current psychology because it gives us access to our minds in a way that is more sophisticated than almost anything that’s come before. When you program...

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Last week’s self image video seemed to make a wonderful splash for a great many of you. Today we’re going to get under the hood a bit more in order to understand how it all works. Werner Erhard famously remarked that “Life is empty and meaningless, and it’s empty and meaningless that it’s empty and meaningless.” He further explained that when you get beneath all those layers of meaning you arrive at a place that is without...

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The World Inside

Posted By on Apr 25, 2016

Inside your mind is a concept database. It is an index of everything you have ever experienced. It is this database that determines the meaning you make of the world and in turn all of your beliefs and behaviors. In fact, all you ever experience of the world is filtered through this database! That means that you never actually experience anything “objectively”, you only experience the world through your own person filters and biases....

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Posted By on Apr 12, 2016

  I was 19 and had just finished hitchhiking across the country to California when the intervention happened. “You smell things… a lot, Devon.” That’s how it began.  The request was obvious. STOP smelling everything. However, after some serious consideration I decided that having a heightened sense of smell was worth any odd glance I might garner. And the truth is — I never looked back. I relish my senses of smell and my taste....

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Being Smart with Feelings

Posted By on Apr 4, 2016

Biohacking is becoming an increasingly popular subject. Executives are drinking butter-filled Bulletproof Coffee; people’s watches are telling them how many steps they’ve taken today; smart drugs and nootropics are on the rise. But something is missing in most people’s understanding of how to hack into the system in a healthy way, and that is taking control of your actual body and knowing its various signals. Here’s the thing — if you...

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Did You Hear What She Said?

Posted By on Mar 28, 2016

“I don’t have time to gaze at my navel!” That’s one of the things my mom used to say to me all the time. Which is exactly why I spent so much time developing my skills to get results IN THE WORLD. That means improved communication, more powerful influence, better understanding of the people around you, and increased success. And it all begins with hearing what people actually say. Are you ready for that? Today’s video will...

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