Your Mother Was Wrong About You

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A lot of parents tell their kids they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. But that’s not true. You weren’t meant to do everything. You were meant to do some things.

The beauty is when you figure out what you were meant to do, you’ll feel like you have the power of the universe behind you. Because you will.

What I’m describing is the difference between doing what you were meant to do (the story your body is singing through you) and what you are supposed to do (the expectations of the people around you).

Your body is in direct communication with the world around you. The trick is to tap into your body deeply enough that you can feel the deep signals the system is sending you rather than be influenced by the superficial signals of our culture.

The universe has plans for you.

Like it or not your life is a collaborative affair. And when you collaborate with what the system wants for you you get big results.

Here’s the deal – you and I and everyone else in the world are part of a system we cannot escape. This isn’t good or bad – it’s just a fact. But it’s a fact with repercussions. Like bees in a hive each of us has a job to do. And if you ignore this fact, if you don’t pay attention to what the system made you for then you will not generate the kind of success and results you want in your life.

Insider Access

Once a month in the Dashboard we have a telephone Town Hall meeting. In last week’s Town Hall meeting we talked about the difference between the 8% of people in the world who are always successful with keeping their New Year’s resolutions and the other 92% who are not. One of the essential differences is whether you’ve recognized what you were meant to do.

In the audio below you get insider access to some of that Town Hall meeting along with insights critical to being one of the 8%.

Your Mission

1. Listen to this 10-minute audio:
Your Place In The Hive

2. Answer (or at least explore) the question: What are you meant for?

Only for the brave:

3. Do one thing to move toward fulfilling your place in the hive.

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