Your Best Feeling Body


Viruses from our culture are constantly barraging your brain and downgrading your performance.

There’s a simple way to defend against this onslaught but very few people are aware of it, and even fewer practice it.

In fact, the solution is so simple that most of us overlook it every day. However, simple as it is, if you don’t apply this one strategy, you are at risk of detrimental effects to nearly every area of your life.

The good news is, the same strategy that protects you from the “bad stuff” leads to a body and mind that feel healthier, happier, and more powerful with every day that passes.

The strategy is simple: tapping into the best feeling you’ve ever known and getting deeply familiar with it.


Think about it. Any state you experience is made up of muscular configurations of tension and relaxation. And like all things muscle related, you can flex those muscles and get them strong.

As you do, your state strengthens as well.


Check out the video now.





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