You at Your Best

There was that red flag again. Why was it waving furiously in my mind? That’s simple:

Kelly was telling me how she needed her boyfriend in order to feel like she was ‘on track’.

It’s something I hear and see over and over again when I’m working; most people think that being in a state of profound satisfaction and wellness – what I call their Default state – is driven by their environment. In other words, they associate the times when they’ve had these truly profound moments of being in the zone or the flow state with a particular person or song or place.

But the truth of the matter is, while a person or song or place may help trigger this kind of experience, the actual experience is happening in your body. And, like all states, it has a certain chemical, neural, muscular makeup. And that makeup is the same every time.

Everyone knows something about this already because their Default state is the way they are designed to be. When the structure of their body is organized in this way they feel like they’ve come home. Why? Because they have. They’ve come home to the way of being that is most natural, most powerful, and most present. And because of this, when they’re in the Default they are here, in this moment, right now.

Though most people have forgotten this natural way of being, I have spent a lifetime learning how to help them remember – not in their mind, in their body. That’s what my sessions with private clients are like, and that’s what Installing Inner Game is designed to do – to help familiarize you with how you are in your Default.

In the following video you’ll get a sense of how this works live and in-person as I elicit the Default with the wonderful and charming Jean.

Check it out:

So what about you? What do you notice about yourself when you’re in your Default?



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