Virtual Reality

We’ve talked about primal instincts. We’ve covered emotional balance, learning, conditioning, self image and more. Today, I want to jump into one of the most interesting and promising technologies for our future. It’s a technology that is going to revolutionize nearly everything about current psychology because it gives us access to our minds in a way that is more sophisticated than almost anything that’s come before.

When you program a computer, there is code for every pixel on the screen. Every detail is considered. That same thing is about to be true for your mind. The ability to retrieve past memories, make you feel like you are on another planet, or keep you at your best day in and day out will all be available at the push of a button. And it will be specific to you and will consider every “pixel” of information in your visual field.

Though the technology I’m talking about is still in its infancy, there is a LOT of money being thrown into it, and much of that by the majors including Google, Facebook, Apple, and beyond. That technology is Virtual and Augmented reality. Together, these two ways of interacting with your mind are going to change the way humans operate forever.


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