Tune Up Your Five Senses in Five Minutes

A quick tune-up for your five senses. This short video helps you optimize to the ideal settings* for the way you are organizing and deploying your senses. In other words, how your eyes are set, how you hear, the relative relaxation of your eyes and jaw and a number of other variables. Make sure to test it in your own senses against your own experience of being in the zone.

*Ideal for most people but not everyone. Test it out! Either way, the video will help you tune into your ideal settings.

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LET ME KNOW HOW THE CONFIGURATION I DESCRIBE IN THE VIDEO WORKS FOR YOU! I’m making a bet with all of my research and time and energy that people can learn this stuff as simply as by watching a lo-fi video on a blog. Let me know if you were able to gain or improve access to your proverbial happy place in the comments section below. Questions? Put in ’em in the same place.



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