The World Inside

Inside your mind is a concept database. It is an index of everything you have ever experienced. It is this database that determines the meaning you make of the world and in turn all of your beliefs and behaviors.

In fact, all you ever experience of the world is filtered through this database! That means that you never actually experience anything “objectively”, you only experience the world through your own person filters and biases. So… if you want to have any idea what the hell is actually going on out there, you need to make sure your database is clean, healthy, functional, and matches the world around you. To have any hope of doing this well you need some basic understanding of how your concept database develops and the underlying interactions that drive it.

The simple version of the equation is this:


Context (whatever you are experiencing right now) + Emotion = Meaning

Meaning + Long Term Storage = An entry in your concept database.


Today’s post just touches on a little of this critical self-knowledge, but it’s absolutely essential to taking control of your own life. Don’t be caged by your mind! Take control of your concept database and start creating kick ass reality for yourself and others!

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