The Reset Creed

The Reset Creed

I reset to my Default state whenever I am off.

I will not make decisions unless I am in my Default first.

Having a clean and fully functional Human Operating System is of utmost importance to me.

All of my inputs/environment is designed to keep me at my best.

I am committed to creating a life that supports me in being this way.

When I am off I notice and reset in the moment. If I am unable to reset in the moment, I commit to learning how.

I do not hold my beliefs as true. I choose them intentionally because they are useful. Because they serve me.

I transcend all noise/informational cancer/drek and immerse myself in depth/truth/heart/purpose.

Everything is Perfect.

I have an embodied practice that brings me in touch with who I am. It strengthens/deepens my Default.

I am constantly deepening and expanding.

I am imbued with love and light.

The frequency of who I am is becoming more singular/harmonic/stronger with each passing moment. By the end of this sentence, I am more deeply myself.

I am connected to a system that is greater than me.

All of my actions are intentional and driven by benevolence.

Everything in my life is moving towards a singularity.

The story that I tell myself/live within exists to supports me.

I am a God(ess).

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