The Instructions Have Arrived

Here’s the link to sign up for the new Reality Bender dashboard:

Here’s the email I sent out to my community when this first went live:


Years ago, when I started on my path, my mentor told me I was on a Hero’s Journey. A quest of sorts. He said there would be many legs to the journey and that each would bring its own challenges and rewards.
He was right.

There have been monsters. Trials. Magical Helpers. Guides. The whole shebang. And at the end of each adventure, a boon. A gift that the hero gets to either enjoy for himself or bring back to the world.

I have chosen to bring my boon to the world. To you. And today is one of the days I do that. In fact, honestly (and not to be too overly-dramatic) I feel like it’s one of the biggest days yet. Why? Because it’s the day that I really begin to de-guru-fy the self-improvement industry by bringing you the best technologies in the world, in a system that’s well organized, user friendly, and easily updated. And best of all – applies to you specifically by bringing you the tools you’ll need on your Hero’s Journey.

Here’s what I mean:

While I have been blessed to work with truly great masters during the adventure of my life, it was always because I was willing to go to them. To fly, drive, or hang glide to wherever they may have been. But getting wisdom takes time and I didn’t want to move in with them any more than they wanted to wake up to find me using their last roll of toilet paper.

So the solution for me has always been simple: Create a system that brings practical, functional wisdom that you can “get” without having to leave your life to get it. Something you can implement as part of your daily activities, not apart from them. And something that we can all improve together rather than waiting for the next guy to rehash and repackage the same stuff under a new brand.

Today marks my greatest success in achieving that goal. Today is the day I launch the reality-bender dashboard, which will bring the most practical, functional, applicable wisdom right to you in the comfort of your own home.
And today is the day you get to try it out (if you choose to).

More about that in a minute. For now I just want to give you a little perspective on what’s inside and the value you’ll receive:

First of all, this is literally the culmination of more than 15+ years of single-minded work and attention.

My primary mentor Joseph charges over 25 thousand dollars for private consultations and the truth is, while it’s absolutely worth every penny – there’s only so much information you can get in 48 hours. My rates are not a heck of a lot less expensive and the same information bottleneck applies.

The programs we offer, though longer and less expensive, are still usually in the range of a thousand dollars and up.

Last year when I launched the first version of this technology it was with the intention of presenting as much of the 15+ years worth of information as I could, organized in a way that would be powerful and effective for the end user. That cost $27 a month and came as one email a day for the better part of a year.

Today, with the launch of the new dashboard system, I truly believe that I’m knocking pebbles down a hill that will start a rockslide revolution in consciousness.

It’s just the beginning and there’s still a lot to do on the site – but it’s a really solid beginning and behind the scenes it’s already getting cooler by the day.

And the price is just right. A dollar. One single dollar to try it out for the month.

After that it’s still ridiculously low in price ($17/month) but the trial will let you decide for yourself if it’s going to be worth it. And to see the kind of amazing content that’s there (and the kind of content and technology that’s going to be regularly added). And if you’re not blown away then you can unsubscribe.

So that’s thousands of years of wisdom, culled by me personally from living masters, distilled into a simple, practical system that gets better with each passing month, delivered to your computer, where you can proceed at whatever speed you like in implementing it to make your life exactly how you want it to be.

And did I mention that there’s a forum where my top students and I will regularly be responding to your questions?

Or that when you use the technology in this dashboard it will make everything else in your life work better? Because that’s just what happens when you’re well-formed and healthy – which is what this dashboard is designed to help you become.

So what are you still reading for? Click here to get started right now!

See you on the inside!


P.S. When you sign up for the dashboard, you’ll be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s an opportunity that will launch you into the life you most desire. It’s also an opportunity that expires this Sunday. So, check it out…and if it seems as good to you as I know it is – come for the ride!



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