Technical Specs


The intention of Catalyst can be summarized like this:

Access the best version of you. Choose your best life. Behave accordingly.

However, unless your culture values these things and surrounds you with good examples your whole life, you’ll need some support in getting there. Our newest version of the Human Operating System, Catalyst, introduces you to the value, power, and versatility of installing a human operating system by giving you the tools to install it in yourself.

Once installed, Catalyst gives you the ability to take control of your life and “reboot” your hardware (your brain and all its networks) from the ground up, deleting bad behaviors, optimizing yourself for success, designing the details of your day-to-day life, and turning up your in-the-moment experience of the world.

Catalyst pairs self use and lifestyle design down to their absolute essentials – the bare minimum necessary to reboot you, get you operating ‘at your best’ so you can create exactly the life you want, getting better at everything as you go.


In order to accomplish this, you will design your environment and habits in ways that put well-formedness into action through best practices (what you eat, how you move, where you put your attention, how you use your senses, how you self program, how you learn and more).

To help you install these ideas and behaviors into your life, Catalyst walks you through the complete rebooting of yourself one step at a time with the assistance of:

  • An overview of Catalyst and a clear and effective explanation at each stage
  • Beautiful graphics that guide your understanding, allowing you to make sense of yourself and the world in simpler and more effective ways
  • Straight-forward explanations to help you identify and update what’s important at each stage of development
  • Words and exercises designed to introduce you to all the fundamental aspects of yourself and give you the ability to program and control them
  • Audio Installs – Audio tracks that drive you deep into yourself and help you install new behaviors of your choosing
  • Desired state visualizations – so you know where you’re going even before you get there
  • Daily habits you’ll integrate into your life that will ensure you become your best version

While future versions of the H.OS will get more sophisticated and easy for anyone to install, the current Catalyst program is intended for people serious about self optimization. We are introducing you to the personal technology necessary to reprogram yourself (which, by the way, requires some work on your part). Remember, it took years of cultural conditioning to get the way you are – it’s going to a take a bit of effort before you’re exactly how you want to be. But if you want to be great – look no further.

That said, whether you’re an early adopter or not – the free trial is worth checking out for everyone.

How it Works
Like computer operating systems, a human operating system is always running, always improving, and sits at the center of everything you do. The Catalyst H.OS is installed through a series of missions that allows you to improve yourself while you improve your life.

Missions consist of multimedia experiences, exercises, and information that will change the way you learn how to create and install habits in your day to day life, how to design your state of consciousness, and how to create the life that most deeply fulfills you.

Catalyst is a year-long subscription, during which you can go as fast or slow as you like. The system is constantly improving and you will receive any and all upgrades for the entire year. So whether you want to dedicate 5 minutes or 5o a day, Catalyst is designed to move with you at exactly the speed you most enjoy.

In addition, the Catalyst Development team will be releasing audio podcasts addressing your biggest questions and supporting you on your journey into evolution and excellence.

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