Take Control of the Meaning You Make of the World

Last week’s self image video seemed to make a wonderful splash for a great many of you. Today we’re going to get under the hood a bit more in order to understand how it all works.

Werner Erhard famously remarked that “Life is empty and meaningless, and it’s empty and meaningless that it’s empty and meaningless.” He further explained that when you get beneath all those layers of meaning you arrive at a place that is without constriction or rules. You arrive at nothing — and nothing is a powerful place from which to create.

Robert Anton Wilson similarly stated that belief is the death of intelligence. He took the stance — as I have since with all my more advanced students — that it was his aim to believe nothing, but be able to believe anything.

Today’s video will give you a bit of insight into how to believe whatever you want — by taking control of the meaning making mechanism of your brain. It’s time to learn to create the beliefs and meanings you make in life by understanding how all meaning is made… through a simple but powerful combination of context + emotional weighting.

Check it out and begin to take charge of the meaning you are making and the games you are playing.  It’s time to start playing a bigger, better, more beautiful game.

Are you ready?

Now go out and start making amazing… everywhere you go.


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