Sniffing Pheromones


“…what do you depend on?”

“My own internal reactions. I read myself, not the person in front of me. I always know a lie because I want to turn my back on the liar.”

– Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune


We’re into the process now of developing the fundamentals of your deepest awareness.

If you’re going to take control of your personal experience it means being able to have reliable instincts about those with whom you interact. And it’s about adding as many beats as possible to your in-the-moment awareness.

That begins by tuning into and turning up your senses.

One of our society’s most underused, yet most instinctive senses is smell. Today’s short video addresses how to begin engaging your nose in a way that will clue you into other people’s moods and intentions in a way that is deeper than most people are ever consciously aware.


Are you ready?







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