Self Image

We’re often told we need to have a good self image, but it’s rare that we’re given any insight into the actual details of what that might mean.

In fact, your ‘self image’ is a multi sensory representation you make of yourself in your mind. And good or bad, distorted or accurate, that self image is setting you up for success… or failure.

In other words, your self image is critical to a happy, healthy life. And a ‘poor self image’ can lead to distressing results like body dysmorphia. So today, make a commitment to have the best self image possible. Start exploring / improving yours now.

Begin by watching the video. It’ll give you a little taste of how your self image works. From there, get right with yourself. If you’re optimizing for anything in your self image make it this:

1) Feeling good when you think about yourself / see your reflection.

2) Accuracy in how you see yourself. You want your percepts (perceptions) to match your concept of yourself.

Here’s To Beautiful You!


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