Rolling Out Catalyst

Since I was in high school all I wanted to do was figure out how I worked as a person and to help other people do the same. The tools available in 1993 were limited and all based on the one-to-many guru model.

So I spent endless hours exploring. Reading deep and wide on the psychonauts who had come before me. Pushing the boundaries of my own consciousness and behavior. Failing and updating. Succeeding and updating. Experimenting and varying.

For college I went to a school that would allow me to follow my fascination. On the side I hunted down the world’s leading hypnotists and studied with them for years before settling at the foot of a master for over a decade.

I learned how to help someone access their personal “best” version in a simple and replicable manner; something that used the in-born patterns of their own nervous system. And then I began working on getting me out of the equation.


Throughout my twenties I drove endlessly (and seemingly fruitlessly) toward something that would allow me to bring the technologies I was learning to the world in a way that was scalable and accessible.

The suggestion to “be the change” was beautiful and revolutionary, but not specific. How were people supposed to make sense of that statement? And how would they do it without dedicating their entire lives to it? The Personal Development industry ballooned to 12 billion dollars a year, but almost always it seemed like the same ideas repackaged with new names and a new face each holiday season. Meanwhile, the most scalable and collaborative model in history was emerging – the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Fast forward to today as I begin the process of rolling out the Human Operating System. The H.OS is a platform through which to master your self and self use while creating the life you most dream of. It’s a multimedia training system that helps you understand the vastly complex behaviors of yourself and others. And of culture. And all this happens while you learn how to program and hack those same systems.

I’ve been silent for a long time on issues that seem pressing to me. In part that’s because I’m not an activist. But mostly it’s because I was working on a solution that was systemic. Something that had the potential to scale up and out. To improve the global nervous system by helping each of us be the best versions of ourselves, connecting us to ever-evolving strategies from around the world, and in turn protecting us from and transforming the garbage in the cultural cloud.

The world is growing more complicated and it’s time we had something to help us in making sense of that complexity as well as our places in it. It seems my passion project of over two decades may be emerging at the right moment. It’s still young and unfinished, but I’m proud of it and what it offers.

In any case, the system my amazing team and I are building has always been a dedication to those I love. In truth, I made a commitment to hold the “position of Love” toward everyone – Or as the Buddhists would say, toward every sentient being – years ago. But if you read this blog there’s more blood in the beat of my heart for you.

And so… as we launch the new Catalyst H.OS, there’s some dedication to you. It’s for my wife and kids first, but it’s certainly for you.

This version of the H.OS is still young and requires work on the part of the user. But it’s good and it’s comprehensive and it will give you some insight into how you work, guaranteed.

We’ve made a bunch of audios and beautiful PDFs available for free if you sign up for the Free Trial of Catalyst. Or you can just jump right into Catalyst itself and get yourself a membership. In any case, we’re all excited to be back and we’re here to help.

Bring us your questions on self programming, cause it’s time to provoke evolution.

It’s a privilege to be connected.

With Love,




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