Relax Into Your Life’s Purpose

Since I got such great feedback in response to my last post, I wanted to go a little further today in making that audio even more useful for you.

Here’s a brief video that will talk about using that relaxation piece to deepen into your own Purpose (not to mention power, pleasure, and deep restful sleep).

And below the video – a sneak peek into the Ages and Stages of Purpose – just a taste of the what’s in store on the new Reality Bender dashboard and community site (which we’ll be launching tomorrow).

p.s. Don’t let the length of the post below intimidate you. It’s a quick read and really valuable (if i do say so myself).

p.p.s. Tune in tomorrow for the launch of the new backend to the Reality Bender site!

Stages of Purpose


Like the states of Default and Connection, Purpose moves through stages of development.

At conception your Purpose exists as a simple, perfect frequency. This is the undiluted, uncorrupted form of you. As you grow, you are influenced by those around you. You find strategies that work and you use them. As you do, people begin to give you feedback in relation to these strategies. They begin to treat you as though you ARE your behaviors rather than that you employ them to get results. They bias the unlimited frequency of you in various directions. You’re Good. You’re Bad. You’re Easy. You’re Difficult. You’re Smart. You’re Slow. You’re Talkative. You’re Shy. This begins to form new layers of your identity.

If you continue to develop without too much inhibition and trauma, and the biases you are given support you being healthy, you will remain able to play and explore. Like this, in line with your natural strengths, certain things will fascinate you. You will be pulled to explore these things. Encouraged, you will continue to play with the world around you, growing your strengths and exploring who you are in relation to them and to the world. You will develop a reliable understanding of what you like and dislike, what you want to do and what you want to stay away from.

As you age, your fascination will become increasingly defined and refined in relation to your life experiences. Due to the demands of life your fascination will take you from the fantasy world of a child to real world activities. You will explore and learn subjects that interest you and eventually you will find meaningful jobs or businesses.

Your jobs will lead into a career that both deepens and strengthens your sense of identity and Purpose. As this occurs, your thoughts will become more focused and specialized within your field or area of interest. Even if your interests are encyclopedic, they will all come back to the essence of what it is you are most fascinated by. You will become increasingly inspired to make a difference in the world by working within your fascination. This difference will inspire a feeling of deep and ever-present satisfaction. It will fill you with a sense that you are here for something greater than yourself. It will keep you motivated and excited and shift your attention to the ‘bigger picture’ of bringing your vision of the world to life.

Almost paradoxically, the stronger your sense of Purpose, the less dependent it is on the environment and the more it becomes a constant signal that you are broadcasting – like a radio tower. Every decision is made to further refine and better broadcast that signal. You will have become increasingly stable and singular in your identity. In a way, you will have become more like you were at conception – singular. Each day will move you deeper into your Purpose, allowing you to both explore it’s depths and better bend reality into that form.


Consider where you are in the development of your Purpose. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what fascinates you. What’s important is knowing where in the development of your Purpose you are – so that you can move forward from there. Wherever you are Decide to go all the way. Decide that the whole point of the adventure is discovering and embodying your Purpose completely. Now do that.


Most people’s fascination was crushed and traumatized when they were just toddlers. Years later upon hearing the idea of a Purpose-driven life they expect that they magically will suddenly know “why they are here”. It rarely if ever works that way. Rather, if you don’t know what your Purpose is, the first step is simply to commit to finding out what it might be. And then start where you last left off – playing. Allow yourself to be fascinated again and then follow that fascination. It will lead you all the way home. As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow you bliss.”



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