The Open State is Everything

Being open is everything — even when life is hard.

It doesn’t matter if your heart is broken, your income just dried up, or the Earth is literally quaking beneath you; optimal performance is all about operating well in the worst of times as well as the best.

And the decisions you make during dark days will often come to define you in the future, so make sure they’re of the highest quality. Being sad, angry, uncertain — these are all natural emotions all of us feel, but if you get lost in them you could end up closing your mind for good, and that’s never helpful.

Take just under two minutes with me today to learn a little more about the Open State so you can ensure you’re in it as much as possible, and not allowing the viruses of the Cultural Cloud to dull your senses and turn you into another mindless robot. The world has enough sheeple.

Take control of your personal experience.




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