Mutant And Proud: Review of X-Men First Class

Our species is mutating. That’s exactly what the Human Operating System prepares us for. Mutation.

In fact, it catalyzes evolution. Years ago in his book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton told us that we could influence the expression of our genetics simply by modifying our beliefs. At this blog we take that seriously and aim to engineer our genetic expression with intention and skill. We aim to express the best of our DNA and inhibit that which limits us.

At the same time it is my intention to promote the story of evolution. To remind us that the only constant is change and that we’re entering into a time of major change. If you think email, iPads, Facebook and Twitter are something – just wait until we’re designing our bodies, living for centuries, genetically juicing and robotically enhancing ourselves.

Learning to program yourself, open your mind, be at your best and love the unfamiliar prepares you to successfully navigate this future. But humans are creatures of story and we need stories to make sense of our unfolding world. Movies like X-Men First Class are preparing us for our near future when genetic engineering, robotics and nanotechnology will rock the foundations of everything we know.

It is another successful entry by artists, scientists and storytellers to mold the hidden dimensions of our culture preparing us for the our own imminent future of mutation and evolution. If you haven’t seen the movie yet it’s worth a trip to the theatre. Check out my video review below:

And yes, it is my dream to have my own Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.
I am…mutant and proud.



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