Model Yourself


This is part 3 of our H.OS Fundamentals series.


There’s a secret that almost everyone leaves out of accelerated learning. Or learning of any kind, really.

It’s the same piece that ensures your learning lasts and integrates easily into your life and daily habits. Not knowing it often leads to a life lived on someone else’s terms, in someone else’s worldview.

When NLP co-founder and co-developer Richard Bandler originally started modeling people, the premise was that anything anyone could do could be modeled and learned by others.

While simple and brilliant this left something important out.


As the lead developer of the Human Operating System, I obviously believe that everything from ideas to behaviors to beliefs can be learned and ‘installed’ just like they are on a computer. However, to ensure that the information installs properly and integrates well you want to start by modeling yourself, at your best.

You want to tap into your own best state and learn it better than you know anything else in the world. You want to know it so well that if you’re not doing anything else you reset back to this fundamental state.

Like this, you are in the best state for learning possible. And… anything you learn is integrated into the most fundamental platform that exists for you.

Check out today’s video and start modeling yourself better now.



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