Metaprogramming Yourself and Others

This month in the dashboard we’re beginning to address Metaprograms and how to use them to be better self programmers and better communicators. For those of you in sales, persuasion or the art of bending reality, we’re also learning how to be more influential and avoid communication mis-steps.

Today’s post talks a bit about metaprograms and gets into our first metaprogram: Toward or Away From. Now, there’s not really any such thing as a toward or away from person. Every person is toward in some cases and away in others. The most well-formed of us generally have a good mixture of the two. That said, we all have preferences and knowing how to tell what they are will help make you a better communicator and self-programmer.

So how about you? Are you mostly Towards or mostly Away From? How are you going to use this information in communicating with other people?

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