Master Your Emotions

Emotions are one of the most critical dimensions of our lives. We all experience them, yet very few people understand how or why they function the way they do. Even fewer have mastered their emotions in a way that let’s flow the richness and power they offer for communication and performance.

Here’s the thing: Emotions are the precursor to behavior. They provide the mind/body state that motivates your next action. Surprise? Move away. Happiness? Move toward.

Unfortunately, when emotions get hijacked by anxiety they can lead to repetitive bad behaviors that skew our experience of reality and get us terrible results and even worse feelings. For example, think about how people behave when they are jealous. And worse yet… how they feel.

Today’s video offers powerful insight into how emotions work and will get you on the right track to balancing your emotional life and becoming a next-level communicator.

Be Rewarded




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