Mission Control: Getting Started


Principle: Where you put your attention is where you get your results. And when you put your attention on developing your skill at being the best you and having the life of your dreams, that’s where you will excel. To help make this happen, it’s important to establish Mission Control — a time and place when you habitually check in on how well you’re accomplishing your main life mission — to become the perfect expression of yourself in the world. You will do this by tuning into your Essential Frequency and then feeling into your day — into what’s working and what’s off, what’s resonant and what’s dissonant. You will also use this time to do your Console Missions.


Application: It’s important to dedicate some time to developing your H.OS every day. Commit to a time each day to visit the console and work on completing missions, thereby installing Catalyst. Put it in your calendar or tie a string to your finger –whatever it takes. You want to remember to check in every day –the same way you check Facebook (or whatever you check habitually). DO IT NOW.


Awareness: Catalyst is a full contact experience. It will help you reshape all the contours of your day, your life, your self use, your personality — everything. But you need to engage. Do your missions. The more regular and rhythmic your visits to your Catalyst console, the faster and more powerful your results. Remember, you are learning to become singular — which means putting your attention on what and who you are… becoming… every single day.


*When you’re finished with each mission just click the Return button below or the Current Mission button in the universal nav bar at the top of each page. That will bring you back to the Console where you can click Mission Accomplished and move on to your next mission.