Back to Center: Life-Altering Relaxation In 6 Minutes and 20 Seconds

In the last video I gave some parameters for designing the life of your dreams. Today let’s get into actually doing it.

Today is Independence Day in the US but no matter where you live, the greatest gift you can give yourself is deep, true independence. Which begins with getting back to Center so you can remember that you are utterly , absolutely and in all ways free.

Watch the video, but most importantly, listen to the audio below. I released this audio a few years back and it got such a warm reception I decided to use it in the newest H.OS release, Catalyst. So, for those of you signing up for that – here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Check Out The Audio! (headphones useful but not necessary):

The Relaxation Elevator

And please! give me your feedback. Your input guides me! How did the audio effect you? Did it help you ‘get’ how easy it is to go into a state of deep relaxation? What are your thoughts? feelings?

p.s. If you’re a self programming advocate, this is the post to share. The audio is simple, free and downloadable. And it works. Every time.



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