I Want to Know What You Want

In the wake of our launch to the GoGratitude community several months back I’ve had a tidal wave of activity. Much of that has spurred the development of something I’ve been working towards for the last decade – a community interested in having great lives and as Greg Williams said to me recently, “Doing Well by Doing Good”.

In response I’ve been working my butt off to create a place for our community to gather.

In the not-too-distant future (next week) we’re going to have a site with some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world for helping you to have accomplish the things you want in your life.

So I want to know – what do you want?

The best apps for Nutrition?
Lucid Dreaming?
Restful sleep?
Active relaxation?

You tell me – and I’ll work to make it happen.

And as a thank you in advance for your help I’m including something beautiful at the bottom of this post. So here’s the video. And then below … a wonderful treat.

And here’s the treat. You know all those beautiful soundscapes on the Install? And that perfect lady voice? Well, Kiela’s at it again. Here’s her latest single.


If you like it, (it’s awesome) let her know.



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