Hacking Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is one of the most powerful states you can cultivate.

In today’s video I share a simple but powerful hack that will help you to establish the neurological ‘hardware’ necessary to have and hold this remarkable state.

For those of you too busy to watch the video there’s a summary below:

Here’s the video:

How to Hack Unconditional Love

Part I

1. Choose a person you will practice loving unconditionally
2. Spend 5-10 minutes doing basic progressive relaxation
3. With your body relaxed remember a time you felt unconditional love (either from you toward someone else or from someone toward you)
4. Amplify your experience of unconditional love by breathing in white light (which you are using to symbolize that love). Breathe it throughout your entire body
5. Once you are sufficiently filled with the feeling of unconditional love begin think of the person you chose
6. Fill and surround them with the white light of your unconditional love for 3-5 minutes
7. Rinse and repeat for 3-4 weeks

Part II

1. Get together with the person you chose.
2. Later that night review your time together. Notice the ways in which you were and were not unconditionally loving.
3. Breathe white light and unconditional love into your time together until you know how you could have felt and behaved more unconditionally loving.
4. Remember this updated more loving version of the experience as ‘the way it really happened’.
5. Rinse and repeat forever.

Part III

Once you’ve mastered being unconditionally loving with one person you will have it as a tool you can easily deploy with anyone.

To Connection in Your Life!




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