Hacking Habits Part 4: Tomorrow’s Reality

Be Yourself. You could wallpaper your bedroom with the number of quotes about this single idea. Which is good, because it’s solid advice.

Being yourself is the single most essential premise of a well-formed Human Operating System, which is to say a well-formed you.

To develop the habit of being yourself you need to prioritize it.

To develop the habit of being yourself (a habit that is natural – until you get bad environmental input) you need to prioritize it. Put it at the center of your life. In other words, make a habit of engaging in things that make you more deeply yourself and stepping away from things that make you less yourself.

To make this happen it helps to be aware of two fundamental types of experience: those that resonate with who you are and those that don’t.

So what does it mean for something to resonate with who you are?

You know those times when you’ve been at your best? One of the things that is common to them is that you feel great. Another is that you just know things. So a decision that was agonizing only a day earlier becomes clear, obvious, and easy when you’re just being yourself.

That’s a great baseline to make your decisions against. When you’re really at your best you make the best decisions easily and they’re aligned with that most excellent version of you. If you make decisions from this place long enough you’ll have the excellent life that goes with that version of you.

Keep in mind that there are two extremes of you at your best. There are action versions (‘I just climbed the Alps!’) and there are mellow versions (‘Mmmmm… hot bath and bourbon’). For technical purposes we call the first Flow and the second Center.

Hacking into the deep, slow, essential experience of yourself is perhaps the most critical skill you can develop.


You want to optimize your life so that you experience both ends of this spectrum regularly. Find ways to ensure you have more time engaged in things that bring out the best in you in an action-oriented way – whether that’s kicking ass at business, kayaking Tree Trunk Gorge, or a mix of the two. Simultaneously, organize your life and yourself to have access to the deep stillness of just being throughout every day.

Hacking into the deep, slow, essential experience of yourself is perhaps the most critical skill you can develop.

Approach it with a two-pronged strategy:

Make one of the themes of your life delving deeper
The first prong of your strategy is to regularly venture deeper into Center. Whether this is through meditation, Holosync, yoga, tantric sex, using the H.OS, or a walk around the lake, do it and do it regularly. Whatever it takes to bring the slow, rhythmic stillness of your own being centerstage in your awareness, do it.

The second prong is to develop a habit of resetting to Center as often as possible. Ideally, this means that a few times a week you go deep and the rest of the time you reset as closely to those depths as you can quickly.

The value of this one/two approach is that the most high performing Human Operating Systems are the most unified. The most Singular. Through the habit of diving deep you will encounter all the things that you are of two-minds about from your day-to-day life. Whether it’s going to Aunt Ellie’s house or visiting Lisa this weekend, each event that stirs indecision provides a context in which to find the deeper and more unified you. The you that knows there is no option; Aunt Ellie is your destiny this Friday.

…today’s depth becomes tomorrow’s everyday experience. Today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.


Every time you go deeper in this way you gain greater access to the essential you. The deeper into this essential experience you go, the more able you are to naturally recognize and target what is and is not a fit for you in the world. Which makes the rest of your decisions easier and more fluid.

The resetting part of the strategy ensures that you keep returning to the new, more unified depths and choosing your life from this deeper and more singular blueprint of how you want your life. Resetting also keeps you from making bad decisions that lead you down dead ends and cause issues that need to be unwound and take you away from the things in life you want to be doing.

This two-pronged strategy puts you Centered in your path of Being Yourself in a practical way that builds momentum. Before long, today’s depth becomes tomorrow’s everyday experience. Today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.



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