The Best Equation: Everything Equals


This is part six of our H.OS Fundamentals series and works hand in hand with the Deepening and Expanding strategy. 

Our culture is filled with behavioral viruses because our psychological models have left out a very critical piece of information. A piece of information without which most people are lost like a dinghy in the vast and stormy seas. Thankfully with it you become a force unlike any other in the world.

What I’m about to reveal is so simple it’s almost ridiculous. In fact, it’s so simple most people won’t believe it can possibly deliver the kind of value I’m suggesting. But it does, so give it a shot.

The basic idea is this: Start with the best state you’ve ever experienced.* Make everything else feel like that.

End result: That ideal state becomes the baseline of all your experiences.

Seriously. It’s that simple. It takes some time to master, but it is that simple.

Two Notes:

1) The state won’t feel exactly the same in every context. Not everyone wants you to feel deeply in love or totally pumped when you’re with them. However, the power and general excellence of the state will allow you to modify appropriately in every context.

2) The equation is actually this simple. However, you do need to tap into the experience of the original state and get good at accessing it any time you want. And remember, the experience is different than the idea of that state. Have the experience. Go all the way. Feel it. Be it.


Start Now!


*For our purposes here it doesn’t matter if it’s from an in-the-zone moment of performance, meditation, a drug, after a good cry, a moment in nature, falling in love, or anything else.



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