How Rap’s Woman-Objectifying Messages Empower My 12-Year Old Daughter

If you’ve got kids this week’s video is intended especially for you. Of course, it’s a useful technique for everyone, and something similar to what I use personally in all contexts.

So, in last week’s video I talked about my daughter and apparently I struck a chord with many of you.

This week I’m following up with another in that series: “How Rap’s Woman-Objectifying Messages Empower My 12-Year Old Daughter.”

Check it out and let me know what you think.

With any luck I’ll have her talking about this soon, because (though I’m biased) she is a delight to experience. And because I think that a lot of young women need to hear this, and who better to hear it from than a young woman.

Also, there’s nothing for sale – just the hope that you’ll share this with people you think would benefit.

This is how we teach our children to own their own experience of the world.






p.s. Last week I also talked about the importance of Centering deeply and often. Due to your responses, within the next few weeks we’ll be releasing something special and free to help you establish that most profound habit (Centering) in your day-to-day life.



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