Control Your Story


The deepest truth for me is that everything is trance. Trance is a way of saying – in a state of learning.

Everything around me is to be learned from. Interacted with. This keeps me sensitive to small changes in my surroundings. All of this draws me deeper into my experience of the now. The present moment. The present moment is the moment of greatest importance because it is my current experience. The stronger the current is in me – the more powerful I am. The more here I am, now.

When I am here. Now…


I make the best decisions.

I know what I want.

I perform at peak.

I feel my connection with the larger system as an embodied awareness.

I choose actions which lead me toward my chosen future and away from anything else.


As well, fully inhabiting the present moment, the importance of language in directing attention becomes apparent. And the importance of being aware of the trances being propagated by those around you is critical. Check out this video to hear my brief take on this.


*Hackers Note: Notice the way my body language and storytelling are congruent. By sending unified signals we up the impact of our “trances”. Someone’s unity or lack of unity is a fundamental awareness you want to develop, because it is the most impactful to the integrity of your own integrity.



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