Beyond Tantra: Sexual Imprinting


Is Sexual Imprinting the Key to One Time Learning?


Sexual imprinting is one of the fastest and most pleasurable ways to train your nervous system. It’s also a powerful way to connect with your lover and to chart the course into your future in a way that is both effective and feels good.

Why? Because when you use foreplay and tantric techniques to build your response potential (the potential of your nervous system to respond powerfully), you create an environment for one time learning.

One time learning is any experience intense enough that your brain fuses an emotion with a thought or person or activity in a semi-permanent way.

Done powerfully enough this kind of learning is known in ethology as imprinting.


The trick is choosing what you want to imprint.


In today’s video the example I use is a future scenario. It’s especially potent when done with a partner who wants the same thing. The two of you set an intention, make love, build great response potential, and then call that intention up right before and during orgasm.

The rest is in the video so… check it out.



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