Bad Feelings Are Good – How to Hack Painful Emotions

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If you don’t have time for the full video, here’s the gist:

Don’t deny your emotions. Let ’em have their day! If you cherry pick, pushing away those you don’t like, for example, heartbreak, you’ll end up dulling your ability to feel at all. And your ability to feel is core to your ability to be human.

So let them have their day but DON’T buy into the words, pictures and stories that come with them. Let those have their place as well but don’t let yourself get caught in the loop of heartbreak to story of betrayal to conclusion about love to sadness to reason and justification to sadness, etc. Allow the emotion to be and it will pass.

It may rear its head a bunch of times but you’ll process it and move on as a healthy, deeper and more empathetic person.

If you want the rest of the details, watch the video!

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