Augmented Humanity Review

An Introduction

“I am a cyborg. I have been from the start.…and there’s a good chance that you are one too.”

This is how Ev Bogue’s Augmented Humanity begins. Don’t be alarmed. This does not mean you have a computer chip installed in your skull. Instead, what Ev Bogue alludes to is the exponential infiltration of technology into our everyday lives. And if leveraged properly, it can set you free.

What Is Augmented Humanity?

We live in fantastic times.

If you want to know how to drive from NY to LA you can open Google Maps and make it happen. If you want to take a photo and share it with all of your friends, you can download Instagram or Hipstamatic. If you want to find the highest rated Thai restaurants in a five mile radius all you need is an UrbanSpoon. I even have an app on my IPhone that tells me the boring parts of movies so I know when to take a bathroom break.

We are augmented because we have more information at our fingertips then ever before. This trend is not slowing down. It is only getting faster. So how can you take advantage and not get swept up in the muck?

How Technology Can Set You Free?

For a long time, we were building the machine. Putting endless amounts of time and effort into a system that would augment us.

Then one day it all shifted, for a few of us…all of the years of programming reality, the old reality gave way to a new reality—one where the computers support us, and we’re allowed to be human again.

Here is a prime example of this:

When you sign up to our ecourse you receive six emails. Each message lands in your inbox, at the specific date and time we set it and addresses you personally. You are taught how to tap into your at best/in the zone state without any human interaction at all.

When you purchase something from our shop, you are directed to a sales page, informed of the product contents and then sent to a shopping cart. Once you purchase, funds are sent directly to the Human Operating System bank account, upon which you are delivered a downloadable link to your product.

All of this is automated. Taken care of by a second self. The one that we’ve created, built and designed. This second self (if done right) is an authentic and virtual extension of who you are. Once your second self is well developed and congruent with who you are then a symbiotic relationship begins to emerge.

Compare this to starting a business before the internet. It took a lot of capital, you had to rent a space, take out a loan, train employees and purchase equipment. Now, you can start a fully automated profitable internet business for under one hundred dollars. Of course, there is plenty of “slaving away” involved but once it’s done, it’s done.

This Is Just The Beginning…

Augmented Humanity is more than just a book on starting an internet business. In fact, that’s just a small part of it. Above all else it is a glimpse into a future (perhaps even present) where we can become fully human.

If all of the doldrum daily activities (e.g. working in a cubicle, oil changes, errands) were taken care of by a second self than you’d have an opportunity to have an immersive life of presence, connection and flow. For some, this reality already exists. For most, it is still emerging … but you have to know how to take advantage of it. Augmented Humanity will show you how (affiliate link*).

Overall Opinion

Simply put, this book blew my mind. Although I had been familiar with many of these concepts already, Ev’s presentation and style of writing made them come to life. I felt so inspired that I immediately began writing an ebook for the Human Operating System (more details on this in upcoming posts).

One of the biggest takeaways is Ev’s direct recommendations on how to use technology. For example, he suggests following no more than 150 people on twitter, as following too many people means you cannot keep track and will not form real connection.

Since reading this, I’ve trimmed the people I had been following from over 350 to 97. I am listening in on and connecting with some of the greatest voices on technology, futurism and the evolution of our species on Twitter. You can follow me and do the same here.

To summarize, I like this book. It blew my mind. If you are interested in a similar experience then by all means, have at it. Learn more about Augmented Humanity.

*From time to time we will review books, videos, supplements and other products or services we find evolutionary. Sometimes there will be affiliate links to these products in which case we will always make a note of it. But just between us, we’ll never promote a product that has not had some kind of profound effect on our lives. This book did just that.



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